December 18, 2015, marked an important milestone in the culinary world of buffalo meat in Vietnam – the birth of a restaurant specializing in buffalo meat with the name Trau Ngon Quan at 388 Tran Phu, Dong Ngan, Tu Son, Bac Ninh. Until now, 3 more establishments have been continuously established in An Hung Urban Area, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh Urban Area, Cau Giay, Hanoi and most recently the 4th facility at 145 Bui Thi Xuan , Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Coming to Trau Ngon Quan, customers can enjoy unique dishes made from fresh “jerked” buffalo meat combined with traditional ingredients to create a unique culinary nuance that no other restaurant has. .

A restaurant that owns a wonderful culinary space with bold Asian style with facility 1 area of ​​2,500 m2 in Bac Ninh (capacity of 1,000 guests and private rooms with many amenities); Facility 2 at An Hung Urban Area, Ha Dong, Hanoi with an area of ​​5,500 m2 (accommodating 1,500 guests, with a 300 m2 children’s play area); Facility 3 at Floor 1, UDIC Complex Building, Hoang Dao Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi (1,000m2, capacity 600 guests) and Facility 4 at 145 Bui Thi Xuan, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi (1000m2, capacity 500 guests).

Referring to Trau Ngon Quan, diners always mention that the restaurant has delicious buffalo dishes, reasonable costs, beautiful space and dedicated service.

108 super delicious buffalo dishes

Trau Ngon Quan always believes that you must choose the best foods to have the most delicious and premium buffalo dishes. Therefore, the first thing is to choose healthy buffaloes, and especially must be of the right age, have the right proportions, and especially must have low fat.

Trâu Ngon Quán món ăn đa dạng hấp dẫn

Trau Ngon Quan has inherited and created 108 rich and quality buffalo meat specialties. Trau Ngon Quan has inherited and created 108 rich and quality buffalo meat specialties. The dishes are not only sweet, soft and crunchy, melting in the mouth, but also rich in nutrients and good for health. In addition, every month, the chefs at Trau Ngon Quan “release” a new buffalo meat dish. This helps customers avoid boredom and have more options when ordering. At the same time, it also creates conditions for chefs to be creative and fully devoted to their profession.

The space has a pure Vietnamese and modern style

With a large, airy space, Trau Ngon Quan uses gentle, delicate, rustic decoration, but still no less luxurious. The restaurant rows are designed in the direction of traditional houses, with tiled roofs, so they create a comfortable, not stuffy feeling. A system of trees and flowers are planted everywhere. Coming to Trau Ngon Quan, diners can regain balance and relaxation in today’s hustle and bustle of life. You can absolutely choose the outdoor dining space to admire the trees, mingle with nature or sit in a private room for privacy.

Space Trau Ngon Quan – Tu Son

Trâu Ngon Quán – Bui Thi Xuan

Trâu Ngon Quán – 15 Lê Văn Thiêm

Reasonable price – very “soft” cost

Coming to Trau Ngon Quan, diners can not only immerse themselves in a luxurious space and enjoy fresh and delicious buffalo meat dishes, but the prices are especially “soft”. If diners book a table of 6 people, choose a menu with 6 dishes including 5 main dishes and 1 starchy dish excluding drinks, it will only cost about 1.2 million VND for 6 people.

Come to Trau Ngon Delicious food with “soft” prices

Service quality

The appeal of Trau Ngon Quan also comes from the human factor. The manager of location 2 of Trau Ngon Quan shared the restaurant’s service criteria: “The quick service criterion is to serve dishes as quickly as possible to customers, with a minimum time of about 7-10 minutes to prepare the first dish.” minute. Dedication, friendliness, and warmth towards customers are shown in greetings and a dedicated attitude when serving guests. When customers enter the restaurant, from security, receptionist to other departments all greet them. Staff have agile and professional manners, neat and clean uniforms.”

Waiters always smile when serving customers

Trau Ngon Quan’s staff is always ready to devote themselves to providing the best and most professional services to customers. It is the above differences of Trau Ngon Quan that have created the attraction, trust and appreciation of diners near and far.