Jade Buffalo Abalone Soup

Ngoc Trau Abalone Soup is a refined cuisine combining fresh seafood and jerked buffalo meat

I. Ingredients Describing Health Benefits

1. Abalone:

Fresh abalone, selected from healthy fish and prepared just 2 hours before serving. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc. Helps strengthen the immune system, improve thyroid function, and support heart health.

2. Buffalo gun

The male buffalo’s genitals are famous for their naturally crispy and sweet properties. Enhance natural testosterone, improve physiological health, energy and endurance for the body.

3. Buffalo tendon

The tendon is taken from the best pieces, stewed until soft and supple. A natural source of collagen, supporting bone, joint, skin and hair health. Collagen also helps heal damage and increase the elasticity of connective tissues.

4. Buffalo tongue

Part of buffalo meat, processed to ensure its unique flavor is retained. Provides protein and iron, supports muscles and produces hemoglobin necessary for the body. Cordyceps mushrooms High-quality herbal mushrooms, often used in health-promoting dishes. Supports the immune system, increases energy and function, and reduces fatigue.

5.Red apple

The small red apple is popular in Asian dishes for its sweet flavor and high nutritional value. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals. Helps fight aging, strengthen the immune system and provide healthy follicles.

6. Longan

A sweet tropical fruit, often used in desserts or soups. Provides vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to promote overall health and mental clarity.

7. Dried shiitake mushrooms

Mushrooms are widely used in Asian cuisine for their strong flavor and health benefits. They are a rich source of vitamin D and fiber, supporting the digestive system and health.

II. Using

1. Use at restaurants:

• Prepare the kitchen: Staff will prepare the kitchen right at the customer’s table to ensure the soup is heated directly before the customer’s eyes.

• Heat the soup bowl: The soup bowl will be heated to boiling point at the table, ensuring that all ingredients in the soup are thoroughly cooked and retain the freshest flavor.

• Serving guests: After the soup has boiled, staff will divide the soup into bowls corresponding to the number of guests, ensuring that each guest can enjoy the hot and delicious soup.

2. Use takeaway format:

• Reheat at home: Customers should pay attention to boiling soup at home for the recommended time of less than 90 seconds after the water boils to ensure ingredients such as abalone, buffalo gun, and buffalo tendon do not become tough or chewy. too soft. Boiling water temperature must reach above 95 degrees Celsius before boiling soup.

• Heating time: Heating soup for too long will reduce the quality of the ingredients, especially abalone, buffalo gun and buffalo tendon may lose their inherent softness and deliciousness.

• Note when heating: To avoid losing the nutritional value and flavor of the dish, customers need to strictly follow the time and temperature instructions.

3. Serve with vegetables and spices:

• Side dish options: This soup can be served with fresh bean sprouts, coriander, and pepper for added flavor.

• Note: Fresh bean sprouts and other herbs should be placed separately into small bowls when enjoying, not directly into the common soup bowl when heating. This will help avoid spoiling the main flavor of the soup.

Currently, “Premium Menu” will be served on premises

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